Singers, performing artists, and creative people come a dime a dozen. In our society of "American Idols", how refreshing to finally experience the ministry and talent of one who has distinguished herself from her contemporaries -- by, not only her voice, but her authentic embodiment of the message in the music! 

When she sings…people stop what they are doing to listen. When she sings…people get goose bumps. When she sings…people are moved to tears. When she sings…people want more! 

The powerful vocals of Valerie Dawkins have been known to captivate and inspire audiences across the country. For more than 3 decades, this anointed SINGER-SONGWRITER has performed at various church events, weddings, corporate events, and a host of other occasions. In fact, from the department store to the local beauty salon, there is hardly any environment in which Valerie has been that she hasn't been asked to sing! Her voice has been said to contain "a certain magic", possessing the ability to move the spirit and soothe the soul. 

With such an intense appreciation for all types and styles of music, from Motown, to classical to jazz, it is evident that elements from these styles play an integral part in the uniquely smooth sound that is Valerie Dawkins.  Consequently, her versatility is well-demonstrated in her ability to effectively use her instrument in many music genres. Her rich, sultry tones in her voice are reminiscent of such powerhouse vocalists as Aretha Franklin, Mahalia Jackson, and Whitney Houston, to name a few. It has been said that she must have a "microphone in her throat"! Be it with live music, accompaniment tracks or a capella, Valerie Dawkins is sure to deliver the goods. In fact several clients have actually preferred the pure beauty of her voice, sans musical accompaniment. But whether gospel, R & B, or pop, Valerie recognizes that she is accountable to the "Giver" of the gift in its use. With a heart and passion for God, this singer/song writer has counted it a privilege to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in such a way that deeply moves  the listener while being centered in truth.  Her exhortations make the music relevant to the occasion and offer encouragement, strength and hope. On her gift of singing, Valerie says, "I count it an honor and privilege to bless others with the gift that God has graced me to receive.  Entertainment has its place, but my aim with each encounter is to touch the very heart and soul of the listener, and to leave them more inspired, happier, better, than I found them!"

In addition to being an accomplished singer, Ms. Dawkins has written many songs – for praise and worship, for weddings, and even songs in celebration of the transition to eternity. Her creative talents have also been expressed through original writings of poetry,  narrations for dance recitals, plays, and even a Christian comedy stand-up routine! 

Valerie is currently the Worship Leader at the Spirit of Elijah Kingdom Church in Fort Washington, MD, where she has been privileged to serve in this capacity since the church's inception in 1990. She is working towards recording her first solo project in the coming year. It is truly evident that the Lord's hand of favor and blessing rests upon Valerie Dawkins . As she continues to move forward in the path marked out for her, her strides are sure, steadfast and confident because she knows the One leading her!  Possessing the right mix of pure, raw talent, presence, and a passion for serving peopleValerie Dawkins is sure to make your event special and memorable. Book her today and find out for yourself what happens...when she sings! 

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